Vision and Values


For everyone to be confident lifelong learners to gain a wide understanding of ourselves and the world around us in order to make the best of any presented opportunities, which will help prepare us to become well-rounded citizens of the future.

Our Core Castle Values:

  • Community
  • Aspiration
  • Self-Worth
  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Excellence

COMMUNITY: Our school is welcoming, friendly and inclusive.  We seek to build an ethos of partnership, where we commit to securing the best for every child in our care.  It is our joint responsibility to create a community which is united, nurturing, enabling and open.

ASPIRATION: We want our children to know that with hard work, optimism and drive it is possible to achieve their hopes and dreams.  We offer opportunities which will inspire, challenge and open doors to future learning.

SELF-WORTH: We believe every one of our children can succeed by believing in themselves, having high esteem and making a worthwhile contribution.  We want them to gain personal satisfaction, have pride in themselves and their school and live rich and fulfilling lives.

TRUST: We seek to build and sustain mutually respective relationships which are based on trust, integrity and understanding.  We need to know that we can depend on each other, showing loyalty to our school and the people in it and believing passionately in securing the very best foundations which will last a lifetime.

LEARNING: We are always learning.  Learning is a never ending journey which brings the promise of excitement and challenge.  We will build resilience, show courage in the face of the difficulties we encounter and increasingly become more independent and self-disciplined.  We want our children to love learning, see it as a pathway to a brighter future and always give of their best.

EXCELLENCE: We have a culture of high expectations, a relentless focus on self-improvement and a desire to create an environment of the highest quality.  We will strive to live up to these expectations and create a school which will do the very best for everyone, provide the richest experiences and endure in the minds of our children and their families for a lifetime.

Click here to see a copy of our 'Castle Values' booklet


Rights, Respect and Responsibilities

In March 2012 the school successfully achieved the UNICEF UK Level 1 award for Rights Respecting School work. The school provided the assessor Mrs Ann Eagle, Unicef Ambassador with more than enough evidence to be awarded RRR Level 1 on 13th March 2012. She said:

"This is a wonderful school, it's so calm here and there's such an air of respect. In fact, I'd say it was the nicest school I've ever been to...."

The Governing Body and Head Teacher would like to formally register their appreciation and immense pride in all the staff and children here at Castle Hill Infant School, especially to those staff who have really worked hard to gather all the evidence, and to all the staff who continue to give 100% to enable comments like this to be made so sincerely. Well done everybody. Next stop – Level 2!

To read the full RRSA Report, click here, and wait a few moments for the document to upload. There's more information at the Unicef webite,

Please see the attachments at the bottom of the page where you can see copies of our school and playground charters.

Fundamental British Values

Please see attachments below for full details on how we promote British Values in our school.

  1. British Values Learning Walk 4.1.17
  2. Playground Charter
  3. School Charter
  4. CHIS British values