Staff Who's Who


Mrs Story-Scrivens  

Deputy Headteacher/SENCo*

Mrs Fitzpatrick 

(* Special Educational Needs Coordinator)                            

Class Teachers

Mrs Fitzpatrick (Head of Early Years)

Miss Robbins (Early Years teacher) 

Miss Smith (Community Ambassador, part time Early Years teacher)

Miss Pepper (Leading Practitioner, Head of Year 1)

Miss Williams (Year 1 teacher)

Mrs Taylor (Head of Year 2)

Mrs Beeney (Year 2 teacher)              


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Copeland

Mrs Crane

Ms Donnelly 

Mrs Livingstone

Mrs McIntyre 

Mrs McKenzie (One to one support)

Mrs Mills

Mrs Weston (Part time one to one support)

Mrs Scrivens

Mrs Sullivan

Administration Officer

Mrs Brindley

Senior Administration Assistant

Mrs Whicker


Mr Newell


Mrs Barber

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Miss Champion

Mr Hunter

Mrs Ritchie

Miss Simpkins

Miss Such

Miss Topicova

Parental Support Advisor

Mrs Robertson

Click below to open our School Organisation Chart, which will show you who does what !!

  1. CHIS School Organisation Chart January 19