Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At Castle Hill Infant School we embrace the fact that every child is different, and, therefore, the educational needs of every child is different: this is certainly the case for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Our Vision:

“For everyone to be confident lifelong learners to gain a wide understanding of ourselves and the world around us in order to make the best of any presented opportunities, which will help prepare us to become well-rounded citizens of the future.” This is underpinned by our core values; community, aspiration, success, trust, learning and excellence.

Our Philosophy:Don’t tell me I can’t: tell me how I can..”

At this school we believe that;

  • Every child should be encouraged, valued and accepted whatever their individual need
  • All children have entitlement and access to the full curriculum
  • Every teacher is a teacher of children with Special Educational Needs
  • Both children and their parents have a valuable contribution to make towards their own development and learning
  • All children who, for a variety of reasons, may find learning more difficult should have additional support to help them achieve the best possible outcomes

Our Principles

Our principles for children with Special Educational Needs are based on The Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Education Needs (2014). 

Hampshire County Guidelines for the stages of assessment will be followed.

Children may be defined by the school as having a Special Educational Need if they have learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties, or a physical or sensory impairment. 

SEN children are the responsibility of the class teacher, supported by the SEN Co-ordinator (SENCo).

The planned curriculum will take account of children’s individual needs through –

  • Creating opportunities for success and praise
  • Differentiation of task
  • Adjusting classroom management
  • Organisation of groups
  • Provision of resources

Our SEND Coordinator is Emma Fitzpatrick, you can contact her via the school office 01256 326899, pop in to make an appointment or email sen@castlehill-inf.hants.sch.uk.

Below you will find our SEN Information Report, which is designed to help parents and carers find out about how we cater for children with a Special Educational Need (SEN) at our school. At the end of the report there is a link to Hampshire County Council's "Local Offer", which gives information about education, health and care services, leisure activities and support groups in one place, making it easier for families to access and use a vast range of information and resources.

  1. 2018 Castle Hill Infant School SEN Information Report