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Castle Hill Infant School is happy to be involved with Trailblazer, an exciting award scheme promoting outdoor learning and environmental education for young people of all ages in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and West Berkshire. Trailblazer is a scheme for schools and youth groups to help co-ordinate, support and develop their work in the outdoors.

In November 2016, the school conducted a Travel to School Survey as part of our Travel Plan.


There are some suggestions towards the end about initiatives that the school will consider implementing. These are:

1.       walking bus

2.       park on my drive

3.       lift share

4.       increased cycle and scooter storage

5.       cut back the branches and keep the path clear leading to the top Infant gate near the scooter storage


See below for full report:

  1. Pupil Parent Staff Travel Survey Summary Report Nov 16