Pupil Voice

At Castle Hill Pupil Voice is valued, we recognise that every child has the right to a voice and for their opinion to be taken seriously.

We have three councils, a School Council, an Eco Council and a Rights Respecting Group who meet regularly to discuss aspects of school life and key issues.

Each council comprises of a representative from each of the classes, totalling 6 members. The School Counsellors, Eco Warriors and RRE Ambassadors feedback to the classes and help lead regular PDL assemblies.

They conduct their meetings in a confident and grown-up manner, they record their meetings and any action points are followed up by staff as appropriate.

At the elections held in the Autumn term, the candidates were asked to give their election statement, to say why their classmates should vote for them. Here are some of the statements from our budding politicians.....

"Vote for me because........"

  •  "I have good ideas sometimes"
  • "I'm good at thinking about things and I'm really good at doing Maths..."
  • "I am nice to everybody....sometimes..."
  • "I'm good at spelling tests and sometimes good at reading when teachers help me..."
  • "You like me and play with me all day"
  • "I am a good rememberer..."
  • "I remember stuff, I'm good."
  • "I am very kind to people who are sad."
  • "I am sensible and kind to people"
  • "I'm very kind to girls and boys"
  • "I like teaching people and I'd be nice to people and they'd be nice to me..."
  • "I wait my turn when people have toys..."
  • "I don't hurt anyone..."