P.E. Provision


Our PE vision is:

Our aim is for all children at Castle Hill Infant School to experience high quality Physical Education, school sport and physical activity that will lead to lifelong participation in sport as part of a healthy lifestyle. By taking part in PE and school sport, we aim for our children to develop an enthusiasm for being active and healthy. We will teach the children the basic skills needed to throw, catch and take part in simple ball games whilst promoting competition and sportsmanship in sport.

Following the success of the British teams in both the Olympics and Paralympics, through the Departments of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, the Government continues to allocate funding to schools to support the improved delivery of P.E. and sports in primary schools. Funding is allocated based on a lump sum of £8,000 and a premium per pupil of approximately £5.

Sports Premium spending 2017-2018







Silver package - PE Coaches to teach the teachers Dance/Gym/Athletics.

To continue advance/support teaching core skills for years to come. To build up a rapport/continue with Premier Sport. To support the use of the golden mile.



Introduction of before school and after school activities from Monday to Friday

Introduction of a wide range of clubs supported by Premier Sport from Monday to Friday.

To increase attendance, attainment and the enjoyment of undertaking sport and physical activity.



Lunch time club Monday to Friday

To increase activity in games, team games and sporting challenges at lunchtime.



Basingstoke Schools Affiliation

To build up a network of competitions with local schools. To support the School Games Mark. To unitise local clubs and coaches to support the teachers.


Remaining budget

Updating sports equipment

To allow the children to use a range of equipment appropriate to the core skills that they need to learn in Key Stage 1.
















For the academic year 2017/2018, we have been awarded a further £17,200.

Having evaluated the impact of the 4th year of the PE Premium and confirm the following information:

  • The application of GYM in the autumn has supported the application of dance within the spring term
  • The end of year results showed that 98% of children met the end of year requirements
  • The Basingstoke affiliation has enabled us to be supported by local teams such as Basingstoke Rugby Club and Chance to shine (cricket) which has provided valuable coaching support with the teachers
  • The teachers have supported and learned from Premier Sport during GYM/Dance/Athletics lessons. This has built up their subject knowledge which has been supported by the teacher feedback
  • 2 teachers have now been trained in Gymnastics and have achieved – Teachers level 1 in the delivery of Gymnastics
  • The introduction of a 5 day morning club has seen a positive impact which has seen an increased uptake to approximately 15 children per morning
  • At CHIS the PE funding has supported a range of afterschool clubs (gym, multi-skills, dance explosion, and musical theatre). These clubs have supported the curriculum and have been very well received with near full/full uptake
  • The continued support of swimming to year 2 has continued to be well received by both teachers and children and remains a key part of the school program which has been extended from 5 weeks to a 6 week programme
  • The house points systems has been used throughout all intra sporting/dance events. There has been an increased level of in house competitions linked to sports relief, comic relief and Saint Georges day
  • The school has continued to take part in a wide range of external competitions which has had a positive impact on the children. The school has continued to offer skipping competition and supported a skatterball competition in which the school came first.
  • The Golden mile has been received with positive praise from all year groups and will be fully used within the academic year of 2018. The children shown a keen interested and enjoy the time spent undertaking the course.
  1. Competitions 2017-2018
  2. Physical activities per week
  3. CHIS 2018 PE premium impact report