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Q: How do I appeal if I am unhappy with my child's placement?

      A: To appeal please Click here

or email independent.appeals.service@hants.gov.uk      

Q: Can you please put my child on your waiting list?

    A: If you would like your child on our school waiting list please contact

Hampshire admissions via admissions.team@hants.gov.uk

Castle Hill Infant School cannot action any applications or add to the waiting list.

Q: Do you have breakfast and after school clubs?

A: Yes, breakfast club starts at 8:00am - 8.45am (breakfast not included)

After school club starts at 15:00pm -16:00pm

Q: Can the school uniform be without the school logo?

A: Yes, please refer to our uniform page on our website.

Q: Will there be open days for the new starters in September?

A: Due to the current global pandemic we are unsure when this will happen,

however we will be putting in place the normal introduction to the school program.

Q: Are we expected to supply a packed lunch for our children starting in September?

A: No, All children are provided with a hot lunch that is catered by HC3S

for more information on the food choices for your child

please Click here