Parents' Area

Helping your child

We like you to tell us what you would like help with: so far you have told us that you would like to know exactly how the children are taught to form their letters so that you can support this at home: we hope these audio-visual tutorials on the index to the left will help you do this. You can pause and practice any letter as many times as you want !!

You have also asked for guidance on helping with homework and with how to keep your children safe on the internet: we hope the pages to the left are helpful.

Feedback from our Phonics Workshops for parents has told us that some of you were surprised that you had not been "sounding" some letters and combinations of letters the same as we do at school to help your children with their reading - so to help you with this please link on the Phonics link as follows where you can hear all the correct sounds:

If there is anything else you would like us to help you with so that you can work with us to support your child at home, please let us know your ideas by popping in to see us or leaving a comment in the comments section on the Contact Us page.

To view 'Helping with letter Formations' Videos, 'Helping with Internet Safety' or 'Helping with Homework' please click the link to the left.