Helping with Internet safety

Children use the internet for many, many things: playing games, talking to friends, exploring the world, learning about things, listening to music, watching videos; keeping your child safe when on the internet is massively important to all of us.

Have a read below about what your children told us about internet safety on our Internet Safety Day in October 2013 - some of it may surprise you. 

Please also read our Blogging Guidelines on the pupils area before your child uses the school Blogs or any social networking sites.

Additionally below we have included e-safety tips which the children learn at school which you may like to mirror at home ("SID's Top Tips") and some excellent internet safety advice and links which you may find very useful.

  1. Sids Top Tips Poster
  2. Useful links for Internet Safety
  3. Internet Access, E-safety and Acceptable Use Policy
  4. E-safety Day Report