Governors Reports

We are very lucky at Castle Hill Infant School to have a highly active Governing Body who spend a great deal of their voluntary time in school looking at aspects of how the school is doing, how well the children are doing and looking at engagement and enjoyment of pupils, staff and parents.  We report regularly so that we have a holistic view of our school and are always striving for improvement.

We enjoy sharing our visit reports with you and welcome any feedback you have.

Please click on one of the reports below:

  1. Curriculum Review Spring 2017
  2. Readiness to Learn: Tackling Vulnerability from the Beginning - Feb 2017
  3. PE Premium Impact Report Feb 2017
  4. Equality and Inclusion Review and Monitoring 2016
  5. Safeguarding Review Nov 2016
  6. Stakeholder Survey Nov 2016
  7. H&S Annual Governor Review July 2016
  8. Behaviour Management Policy Review Jan 2015