At Castle Hill Infant School, the Governing Body consists of 12 members. Two of our members are parent governors, meaning they have children attending the school and were appointed or elected by other parents. We will always let you know if there are any vacancies for parent governors so that you can apply to join us if you want to.

One of our members is an L.A (Local Authority) governor, meaning they were appointed by the Local Education Authority after being nominated by our local councillors. When there is a vacancy, anyone can apply to be a L.A governor of a school by first applying in writing to their local councillor.

Two of our members are are staff governors, one being the Head Teacher and the other is a member of staff who has been elected by the rest of the staff.

The final seven of our members are co-opted governors, who have been invited to join the Governing Body by the 5 members above. Coopted members can be members of the community or business associates who do not necessarily have children at the school but do belong to the wider community. They may also be people who have specific skills to assist the governing body's work. Again, when there are co-opted vacancies we would advertise them both here on the website and in local shops/magazines.

If you click on the "Who are we?" link to the left here you will see who are the current members of our Governing Body.

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, please do so via the school address, marking it for the attention of the Chair of Governors, or you can e-mail us direct at

What do we do?

The governing body at Castle Hill Infant School have a statutory duty to ensure that all the children attending our school have the best possible standard of education and care. In order to fulfil this responsibility, governors are regularly both in school and behind the scenes, looking at standards, supporting the procedures which enable staff to ensure that all children make good progress, are happy, safe and well looked after. We also talk to staff, parents and most importantly the children themselves so that we can collectively have a good knowledge and understanding about our school and it's pupils, and ultimately to make sure things are going according "to plan".

"The plan" is in fact a very carefully thought out and detailed document called "The School Strategic Plan". It identifies our future plans, plus all the areas we are currently working on to improve standards even further at Castle Hill Infant School. As governors, we use this plan to check that everything is going forward in the direction the school would like to, and that we are constantly making progress towards our vision for the future - which is excellence in everything we do! Lots of continuous hard work for all the staff!

The governors all meet up regularly once or twice per term, to share and review the information we have gathered individually or as groups (committees). We publish the minutes (written record) of our meetings on the website here, just click on the link on the index to the left of this page.

Curriculum Committee:

The curriculum is comprised of all learning and experiences that Castle Hill Infant School provides for children. The Curriculum and Standards Committee focuses on the school’s vision to deliver an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum within a caring and stimulating environment to enable every child to develop the core skills of independence, emotional engagement, spirituality, creativity and thinking.  The committee supports the school’s vision and evaluates the implementation of curriculum. In particular, members perform 2-3 visits per term to explore learning from the children’s and teacher’s perspectives. The full terms of reference for the Curriculum & Standards Committee can be found linked to every termly Curriculum Review published on this site under Governor Reports.

We also publish our visit reports, which look at a wide variety of topics all relating to our school, because you told us in your feedback that you were interested to see more of these. Again, click on the link in the left-hand index of this page and browse through our various reports.

We welcome any feedback on any of the information provided here. Please feel free to drop a note in at school (anonymously if you prefer) marked "Website - comments" with any feedback you have on our website. With your help, we are hoping to provide you with a really useful website containing all the information you want.

Our meeting dates for 2019-2020 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 24th September 2019 at 6.00p.m
  • Monday 25th November 2019 at 6.00pm
  • Monday 16th March 2020 at 6.00pm
  • Monday 11th May 2020 at 6.00pm
  • Monday 6th July 2020 at 6.00pm

Full Governing Body Training:

  • Monday 20th January 2020 at 6pm - Safeguarding training wih Mr Mark Blackwell (LADO)

The Governing Body's Code of Conduct and all Governor Details including governor attendance at meetings can be read by clicking on the links below:

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  2. Attendance 18-19-CastleHillInfant (5) (4)
  3. Meetings Dates 2019-20
  4. Committee Membership 2019-20
  5. Constitution-CastleHillInfant (1)
  6. GB Code of Conduct