At Castle Hill infant school online safety forms an important part of our Computing curriculum. We strive to ensure our children understand the importance of using technology safely and respectfully. We aim for them to understand how to keep personal information private and be able to identify where to go for help and support when they have concerns. We want our children to develop online resilience to enable them to become safe and responsible internet users, no matter where they are, or what device they use. 

We currently have an e-safety oversight group to ensure that every sector of our community is represented and that e-safety is kept at the forefront of our children's learning. If you would like to join this grouop please come in to school and speak to any member of staff. 

Keeping our children safe is a joint responsibility of all sectors of our community, including children, parents, staff and governors. If you have any concerns regarding apps or programmes etc., please do not hesitate to raise your concerns with us.

Recently the school held an internet safety day, with Mr Paul Hay.  He spoke to the children, parents and staff about e-safety.  If you have any questions, he is happy to answer these via the email address:


Latest Updates

Just an update on some of the games our children have reported playing at home or at a friend’s house:

Roblox – Please note this game has parental controls so that the chat options in the game are suitable for ages below age 13. If the controls are not applied the age rating is 13+.

Fortnite – This game is now rated for age 13+

Call of duty and Grand Theft Auto – Please note that several of the Call of Duty games are rated for age 18+ and Grand Theft Auto is 18+

E-safety sites that you may find of interest include:

We have recieved the following two links from Hampshire Education and wanted to share them with you. The first looks at online safety in primary schools and the second is by Parent Zone and covers lots of topical online issues, e.g current apps, blogging etc. We hope you find the imformation helpful. 

  1. Keeping your child safe at home
  2. Online Safety Oversight Group Minutes 23.05.18